Engineering Consultancy
Engineering support for all your renewable energy needs
The Intelligent Way

I-kWh engineering has proven to support the reduction in overall EPC costs. Whilst supporting both IPPs and EPCs, our engineering solutions have been found to save upwards of 20% on project capital costs whilst providing robust clean energy infrastructure.

Detailed Engineering

I-kWh provides full detailed engineering packages inclusive of all electrical, mechanical, civil and control system designs. Our in-house team of engineers have accumulated a total of close to 10GW of installed projects and close to 50GW in design experience, including the largest solar project in the World - Al Dafrah.

Owners Engineer

An owner's engineer is about peace of mind. It is about reassuring asset owners that their asset is secure and construction is to a high standard. Having worked across the globe and a variety of grid-codes, our team can ensure your assets performance to guarantee your IRRs.

SCADA & Monitoring

Monitoring and optimising performance of plants is crucial. Minimising critical down-time is the key to the performance of the asset and the protection of your investment. Along with our own asset management platform, I-kWh can support in full engineering design of your SCADA and monitoring system.

Transmission & Distribution

I-kWh design and develop critical infrastructure to support the development of national grids. Providing full turnkey engineering of substations and distribution networks. Our capabilities include: preparing detailed calculations, studies, analysis, plans, specifications, schedules, and cost estimates. We support your evaluation of various options during design, and we bring your vision to life during project execution. Our flexibility and capabilities mean that we can support steps from concept through to but not limited to construction. By combining all disciplines of engineering, I-kWh provides turnkey substation solutions with a single source of accountability. This results in a more definitive scope of work, budget, and schedule that limits or even eliminates unexpected change orders. From design through construction, our cohesive engineering services help ensure an optimum cost and stronger delivery.

Engineering Studies

I-kWh can support with all electrical and power studies related to generation, distribution and transmission. Our studies include but not limited to:

  • Integration study for hybrid power systems and microgrids
  • Grid Impact Study (GIS)
  • Load Flow Study
  • Transient and Harmonic Stability Study
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Earthing and Lightning Study
  • CT/VT Sizing
  • Interconnection studies
  • Audible Noise Analysis
  • Corona Calculations
  • Hydrological Study
  • Topographical Study
  • Geotechnical
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Scada & Monitoring
Supporting the control and monitoring of your power assets

SCADA solutions are responsible for ensuring the asset is performing to the standards of all key stakeholders. SCADA solutions for renewable energy assets need to have a comprehensive approach, adopting best-in-class digitalisation and AI to create a complete suite, accompanying the data from real-time acquisition to supporting O&M and strategic management of the power asset. 

Data-Driven Asset Management

Successful integration of state-of-the-art solutions into one single product is key to solving the most complex operational challenges. I-kWh asset management platform for both desktop and mobile is designed to keep you constantly up-to-date on plant performance and optimise where possible. Using the data from our specifically designed systems, we can ensure minimum down-time and optimal performance to meet your demands.

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Financial Advisory
Bringing creative finance solutions to support the development of your assets. Our M&A team bring vast experience from large international investment banks.
Mergers & Acquisitions

I-kWh is a specialist in the management of power transactions acting as:

  • Buy-side advisory
  • Sell-side advisory
  • Fundraiser for assets and corporates
  • External growth advisory and joint-venture specialist
Project Finance

Having worked with several large institutions, DFIs and private investors, I-kWh is well positioned to source the most suitable type of finance to support the development of your assets. 

  • Equity or Equity/Debt
  • Long-term financing
  • Bond financing
  • Frontier and merging market grants
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Strategy Advisory
We are with you on all key business decisions. A wealth of knowledge at your hands.
Failing to plan, is planning to fail

Prior to finance, key development decisions and actions are needed. Having closed 2.5B USD in transactions, I-kWh is positioned to support with all key development decisions prior to and up to PPA signing. Whether they be financial, legal or commercial, our advisors are with you on this journey. 

  • Feasibility Studies - Ensuring bankable assets
  • Financial Modelling - Protecting your investment
  • Third-party Valuation - Determining fair value
  • Due-diligence - Limiting your exposure to risk
  • Development Services - support in development towards PPA in frontier markets
  • Market Research - Evaluate the landscape
  • Contract and negotiations
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Technology Transfers
De-carbonising the supply chain and supporting local economies to develop domestic and export markets.
Transfer of Technology

I-kWh supports governments and IPPs to add value to their economies and organisations through the facilitation of transfer of relevant solar technologies to markets.

Supporting Local Economies

In emerging and frontier markets with low resource capability but with substantial goals for renewable energy, I-kWh will support in establishing technology transfers for materials such as solar panel lines and mounting systems that can substantially bring down the costs of projects through reduced logistics, create jobs, reduce lead time, create domestic and export industry. 

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Project Management
From design to execution, we will ensure the integrity of your asset.
Project Management

The I-kWh team is comprised of multidiscipline engineers and project managers.

Design Review and Optimization

I-kWh will be able to ensure that all relative and major design concerns are covered without jeopardising the Project quality and schedule. 

I-kWh will ensure that all the design documentation is conforms to local standards and codes, and Contracts. Additionally, we look to optimize during the design review pushing engineer to optimize the design to exceed expectations limiting the commercial impact.

Construction Supervision and Optimisation

I-kWh has all required Construction experience; therefore, can ensure that the EPC contractor performs the activities including quality, scheduling, site team management, and commissioning until the closeout, respecting all contractual requirements.

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