I-kWh at EXPO 2020
January 11, 2023
I-kWh have deployed a 100% renewable EV charging micro grid to support Arrival Electric Vans being used by United Parcel Services (UPS)

As part of a joint development between United Parcel Services and DP World, the two organisation shave demonstrated their commitment de-carbonizing the supply-chain through innovative technology such as electric vehicles.


The micro grid located at theDP World Flow Pavilion, will be used to charge two Arrival Electric Vans that have been acquired along with 10,000 more by United Parcel Services as part of their 2050 Carbon Neutral Strategy.


I-kWh have been working withUPS for two years to develop the concept that will support the vehicles as they operate day-today logistics around Dubai’s EXPO 2020 site. A rooftop solar photovoltaic system feeds power directly into a high-voltage battery which is distributes to the EV charging loads.


Speaking at the unveiling,Aaron Astley, CEO of I-kWh, “It has been great to showcase the possibilities of clean energy on a truly global platform such as the EXPO 2020. The commitment shown by UPS and DP World to net-zero targets is highly commendable and great to see such giants leading the way in sustainability.”


The system utilises a‘Destination-Charging’ methodology towards EV charging which entails that vehicles never fully deplete their batteries and will top up at several intervals through the day when they are idle. This will ensure lifespan longevity of the electric vehicle’s batteries.


“Today’s deployment of one of the world’s first off-grid electric vehicle charging systems is a demonstration of how Expo 2020 is connecting minds and creating the future,” said ScottPrice, president of UPS international. “Our joint efforts allow us to decentralise the charging system, eliminate the need for electricity in charging vehicles at Expo 2020 and further our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.”

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